How To Connect Android Studio with NOX Player (English Version)

For those of you who are working on android programming tasks that use android studio and difficulty running the built-in android studio emulator then there is one solution for you guys that is by utilizing the Nox Application. Yaps bignox-made application allows us to run the application we are creating not only that nox can also be an emulator that can be used to run Android applications on a computer device. Although the new Nox player is pretty much used, it's because the emulator is very light when run differently than some other existing Android emulator. In addition to functioning as an emulator to run applications and games, Nox can also be used as an emulator for Android app development and debugging. To make Nox as an emulator on Android Studio, here are the steps to do:
1.     Run Nox, open system settings Nox -> Select the General tab -> Enable Root mode -> Then save changes and restart Nox.
Note: By default Nox runs in tablet mode, we can change it by going to System Settings -> Advance -> Startup Setting -> and select Phone

2.     Next open Android Settings -> About Tablet -> Then click Build Number as much as 5 - 7 times until the text appears "you are now a developer".

3.     After that go back to Setting menu and will appear Developer Options menu, Select menu Developer Options -> check USB Debugging option.

4.     Then open the cmd on the computer and enter into the bin folder inside the Nox installation folder on your computer and type command nox_adb.exe connect, then you will see a message that tells you whether you have successfully made the connection.

Note: If it fails, restart Nox and write again the above command
5.     Now we can select Nox in the Connected Devices section, as the Target Deployment to test the application being created on Android Studio.

How cool is not it? So there's no reason anymore for lazy and desperate to do android programming tasks :-D Good luck  


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